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Regular circumstances of work usually require certain actions to be performed on a vessel entering a port (loading/unloading cargo, tugging, etc.). Accordingly, calling a port by vessel may require a number of auxiliary services to be rendered as well as certain formalities fulfilled and payments made. Some of the operations require preliminary preparation before vessel's arrival while others, reversely, will not be completed until her departure. The captain would find it supremely problematic, especially in least-known ports, to have to fulfill all the procedures during port call without help from the outside expert. In order to optimize carrying out such tasks ship-owners hire ship agents during vessel's port call.

Ship agent is a ship-owner's trustee acting on the ship-owner's instructions, on the ship-owner's behalf and in the ship-owner's interest. We will help You to nominate experienced agents that acquainted with the local regulations and well-experienced at settling commercial problems. Our aim is to ensure vessels spend the minimum amount of time in port.

When Your vessel operated globally You should have trusted operation department with experience in port DA control. Our agents will take care to ensure that proforma disbursement account is as accurate as possible for Your better fund management. All disbursement accounts and port cost calculations are checked by a team specialising in maritime accounting and finance.